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ECA issues Call for “Decade of Action” Short Stories

The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) is issuing a call for The Decade of Action Short Stories an initiative targeted at young African creatives in an effort to broaden the conversation,

Opportunity for Film Funding from WORLD CINEMA FUND

Kenyan filmmakers, here’s a great opportunity to secure funding for production and post-production for fiction and documentary features in the World Cinema Fund.

Call for Climate Change Photography Competition by UK Embassy in Kenya

The UK has launched a Climate Changemakers photography competition to spur Kenyan voices to share what climate change means to them.

How to Charge as an Upcoming Creative by Armstrong Too-Toe

To the YOUNG//OLD//ESTABLISHED//UPCOMING CREATIVES, below is my brake down of how I charge my NON-COMMERCIALFILM//VIDEO CLIENTS. On my part, most of my clients usually have me on the ROAD//AIR and prefer a one “man” team so I end up embodying other creatives position on the project.LOOK AT THIS FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF, IF YOU WERE […]

Youth Rap About Peace – Winners of the Nationwide Contest Announced

Nairobi, November 5, 2020 – The three-week #16BarsforPeace hip hop campaign targeting Kenyan youth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has announced its top three winners and released a peace anthem, Mbekse, on YouTube. The campaign was co-created and led by Kennedy Ombima aka King Kaka, a popular Kenyan rapper, entrepreneur, and philanthropist in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Within the […]

The Photographer Bill of Rights toolkit

Community Over Scarcity This toolkit was written by lens-based workers with the goal of creating resources that strengthen collective power. By sharing these skills and tools for navigating the hardest parts of what we are asked to do, we are able to demand more for ourselves, working with a sense of community and abundance. We […]